Stewart Freshwater

My Words My Numbers

Stewart has been working with clay since 2003, when he first attended a project called 15 Days in Clay. This project is run from Holton Lee Poole Dorset. Stewart has been working closely with ceramic artist Janna Edwards who runs the project to develop his ceramic skills further.

From the start Stewart has shown flare and originality with his work, he has explored a variety of handbuilding techniques over the past years, with exceptional results. He has always shown an interest and ability with his use of form, colour and surface decoration.

Stewart has successfully exhibited all over the country with many sales and commissions. He has developed a unique style that shows humour and originality.

Last year Stewart was supported by Janna Edwards to put in an application for a grant from the Arts Council England, so he could put on his first solo show. His proposal was to create a new body of work based on figurative pieces, incorporating numbers and words that surrounded him in his everyday life. His application was successful resulting in this exhibition.

Stewarts interest in animals and nature is demonstrated in the pieces on show, they are totally unique and eye catching. All of the work has been hand built and hand decorated, with skill enthusiasm, and a great deal of passion. Stewart has used a stoneware clay, and has used a variety of slips, underglaze, and glaze decoration for his finished surfaces The words and numbers have become part of the body of work, almost like the skin, they have been scratched through the surface of the slip to become an integral part of the work, you have to look closely to search and find them out.

This exhibition is a culmination of hard work and commitment from Stewart over the past months, Stewart has demonstrated what can be achieved, when an individual artist is given the opportunity by the Arts Council to work in an inspiring environment, with a professional artist to mentor them.

This opportunity has enabled Stewarts individuality and creativity to flourish resulting in this exceptional exhibition that speaks for its self, in its own words and numbers.

Janna Edwards Lead Artist and Mentor