Fiona Kerr

My Travelling Teapot World

Fiona is a young vibrant ceramic artist with learning difficulties, she has been working with clay since 2004, when she first attended a project called 15 Days in Clay. This project is run from Holton Lee, near Poole, in Dorset. Fiona has been working closely with ceramic artist Janna Edwards who runs the project to develop his ceramic skills further.

With support from Janna, Fiona successfully applied for a grant from Arts Council England to put on her first solo show. Janna has been supporting and acting as a Mentor to Fiona with practical and creative advice, project management, administration, and supporting Fiona to facilitate workshops relating to her new body of work. This funding has enabled Fiona to extend her practice, share her skills with others and develop as a facilitator.

Fiona came up with the idea for her first solo show, ‘’My TravellingTeapot World’’, after exploring more functional work. This new body of work depictsthe changing shape, style, use and influence a teapot would experience as it travelsaround the world. Fiona has drawn on the different cultures, colours, shapes, and of course fellow teapots to inspire new designs for hertravelling teapot exhibition. Fiona has used these influences and added her own touch and inspirational approach to produce an exciting vibrant cultural teapot experience.

Fiona has used a variety of building techniques and a range of earthenware and stoneware glazes to compliment the work.

Fiona will be running workshops relating to ‘My Travelling Teapot World’, she is keen to pass on her skills and enthusiasm to others. This will be an extremely important element in her artistic development.

This exhibition is a culmination of hard work and commitment from Fiona over the past year. Fiona has demonstrated what can be achieved, when an individual artist is given the opportunity to work in an inspiring environment, with a professional artist enabling her to develop her own practice to a high level. Fiona’s individuality and creativity has flourished resulting in this exceptional exhibition that speaks for its self.

Janna Edwards Lead Artist and Mentor