15 Days in Clay

This exciting project was originally set up to give small groups of adults with learning difficulties, and disabled adults in the Poole and Dorset area, the opportunity to be taught ceramics to an advanced level enabling learners to develop as artists in their own right.

The project aims to inspire and nurture the creative development of individuals in a professional ceramic environment. It started with a grant from 'Awards For All' in November 2003. The original award was for one day a week, for fifteen weeks, hence the name. The project has now grown to three days a week with over 30 artists attending.

Over the past years it has provided new opportunities for self-expression, confidence building and personal growth through the accessible medium of clay. Free taster sessions are offered at the start of the project to make sure this is something each individual wishes to access.

The quality of the work produced is of the highest standard enabling individuals to exhibit and to sell their work around the country. All students go through a process of assessment, with the possibility of accreditation.